Sunday, December 26, 2010


Have you already decided what to do during the hiatus??? We've got to wait for a long month until The Vampire Diaries is back on January 27th...

To start the year right, I'm gonna give away a TVD 2011 day planner.

So, you've got homework to do during the hiatus... you're all going to read (or re-read) The Stefan Diaries: Origins during the hiatus and then you're gonna answer a questionnaire to enter the contest. I'm going to post the questionnaire soon. Now, your only task is reading the book. If you haven't got it, or can't afford to buy it, you can download the pdf version. In about a week or so, you'll have the questionnaire, which you'll have to answer and email to The people who answer everything right will be entering the contest. If only one answers everything right, she'll be the winner!

The second of the series: Bloodlust will be released on January 4th (my birthday!!!) so there might be a contest about it in the future.

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  1. Forgot to tell you, you'll have time to read the book and send your answers until Jan 27th when TVD is back!