Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tweets you can't miss: Matt Donovan

Yeah, Matt is in Twitter! and he's tweeting from Mystic Falls!
All his tweets help us learn more about how Matt feels and what's going on in Mystic Falls (even if he's not really aware of what's happening)
You can follow him @Matt_Donovan1

Take a look at his latest tweets:

Nov 29th:

4:22 PM - Almost done with school, I hate Mondays. Saw Caroline & Tyler today, when did they become BFF's? :o/

Nov 30th:

2:54 PM - Mr. Saltzman is a pretty cool guy. Said his favorite ice cream is chunky monkey - I had no idea, lol

10:02 PM - Working at the grill tonight. At least I get free food.

Dec 1st:

4:59 PM - Where's Stefan? I haven't seen him in school in like, forever. I hope he and Elena have worked out their problems - I want her to be happy.

10:04 PM - It's getting expensive to take care of the house and bills. I need a roommate. Maybe I'll ask Tyler, lol - nah...

Dec 2nd:

2:56 PM - Drove by the hardware store this morning and saw Tyler walking out with chains and stuff. Wonder what's going on with him....

7:21 PM - Just got to the grill. What's with all the new faces around here? Must be tourists or something.

Dec 3rd:

8:09 PM - I went to see Caroline last night. Told her I missed her. Then Tyler showed up - I guess she's moved on...I'm so stupid.

Dec 4th:

01:18 AM - Got the night off, but I wish I was working. Would help to take my mind off of Caroline and Tyler. Don't know if i should be angry or sad.

01: 30 AM - A part of me can't blame her - I can only blame myself for letting her go. What have I done? *sigh*

02:32 AM - I gotta fight for her. Like they say on that football show - clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Yeah I think that fits.

03:22 AM - Going to sleep. Time to put these troubles to rest.

4:01 PM - At the grill, it was really cold this morning. Thank God she started up or else I'd be in trouble.

6:29 PM - @julieplec Wait a sec haven't I seen you at the grill before? You're from LA, right? Yeah I don't have much time but it keeps me sane...

9:42 PM - Was leaving work and my truck refused to start. Luckily Jenna was around to give me a jump. Just another problem to worry about now.

Dec 5th

1:27 PM - At the grill this morning. There playing Taylor Swift over the speakers. I kinda like it - "you are the best thing that's ever been mine.."

Dec 6th

3:23 PM - School, grill, home. Life's pretty predictable these days. Which something exciting would happen.

4:24 PM - OMG I meant wish not which! Jeez, I need some sleep, lol....

6:59 PM - Finally met the new kid Luka. Seems like a nice guy, but Jeremy didn't seem too happy to talk about him. I wonder what's up.

Dec 7th

2:08 PM - Got up this morning for school and the house was freezing. Checked and the heater was busted. Damn.

7:41 PM - Not working tonight, needed to fix the heater & got some help. Apparently Mr Saltzman knows heating and A/C, who would have known? Lol

Dec 8th

2:24 PM - School, work, home. Life is so predictable these days. Wish there were vampires or something running around to spice things up, lol...

4:30 PM - Just walked out of History class and I couldn't see the board - I think I may need glasses :o/

6:30 PM - I sometimes regret kicking my mom out of the house. I guess a drunk mom that loves you is better than being alone in a cold house.

What do you think about it? I think he can give us some spoilers, lol!

Maybe he'll learn about vampires soon... and maybe we'll see him wearing glasses too!

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