Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vote for TVD in round 4 on E!online

TVD beat Fringe by just a few votes in round 3 (which made all Fringe fans be very upset) and now is against Castle in round 4. If they win, they'll be against Supernatural or Community in the next round. I love Supernatural too so vote for TVD and SPN in round 4! If they're against each other in the last round, I'll be happy if any of them wins though I'll be voting for TVD.

Both of them are losing now and need more votes:

Game 1:
52.4% Castle
47.6% The Vampire Diaries

Game 2:

51.4% Community
48.6% Supernatural

You can vote multiple times, so please vote as much as possible here !!!

They deserve to be the best or the second best show of 2010!

1 comment:

  1. TVD is still losing for now..:((( but SPN is winning...:)))...if they are against each other I think I'm gonna vote for both of them and who ever wins, I'll be happy..:)))