Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ian's Birthday Wish

It's Ian's birthday today! All I can wish to him is a wonderful day and a very happy life!
I want him to be happy so I'll help him with his cause.
As you already know, Ian is very committed to the environment. He even created a foundation to help create awareness and change the world. He's raising funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends.
If you feel like giving Ian a gift, he's asking for people to donate to the Ian Somerhalder foundation.
In this kind of campaigns, people are usually asked to donate according to the age of the person. Ian is turning 32 so you can donate that amount. If you can't donate that much, he'll be happy with what you can give, even if it's only a dollar. And if you want to give more, you're welcome to do so as well.
It's a good cause so I've already helped myself and I'm doing all I can to spread the word.

This is the foundation's website:

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to send your messages to Ian!

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