Saturday, December 11, 2010

My favourite moments of "By the light of the moon"

This was the last episode of the year, OMG! I'm so gonna miss them! I REFUSE to wait till January 27th! yeah, you've read well... we have to wait till that date to watch a new episode again!
We'll have time to think about what to do until that day but for now, I just wanna share my favourite moments of "By the light of the moon".

1. Elena is locked up for her own good:
Oh, Elena you're so suicidal you had to be locked up! Don't you feel a little bit like Katherine now?

2. The tombsex was only in Stefan's head:
Everybody was talking about the tomsex and making us think Stefan would cheat on Elena... thank god he didn't!

3. Tyler turns into a werewolf:
Poor Tyler, I felt really sorry for him. His transformation was very, very painful! Luckily, he had Caroline by his side to make him feel a bit better. Good thing is that he wasn't alone through this.

4. Damon gets a werewolf pissed... again!
Mason's friend Jules was worried about him and went looking for him. Damon wanted to check whether she was a werewolf... turns out she knew her drink had wolfsbane in it... she was really pissed off and told him he'd been marked. Luckily for him, Rose was the one who got the bite.

5. Elena makes a deal with Elijah:
Why hasn't anyone told the truth to poor aunt Jenna? she needs to stop inviting strangers in! Elijah pretended to be a historian and got into the house to make a deal with Elena. Turns out he doesn't want to hand her in to Klaus, he wants to use her as bait to lure him in and kill him. At least that's what he told her... I'm pretty sure he's hiding something. The good thing about this deal is that Elena could get Stefan out of the tomb!

There are more parts I liked but these are the best... Which was your favourite? What did you expect? what didn't you think would happen?

If you haven't watched this episode yet or if you want to have it in your computer, you can download it here:


  1. i just lovedddddddddd this episdoe
    Stefan <3 <3
    m so relieved he dint succumbed to tht bitches temptation and it was only a dream
    screamed and danced with joy during Stelena hug <3
    oh and thank u Elijah.. watever your motives r u saved Stefan. thank u thank u

    and thank u Rose.. heheh
    my Damon was saved *phew*

    Elena Jeremy scenes i loved it.. hehe
    - Hetal

  2. Yeah, I think in episode 13 they'll try to kill Elijah cause John is coming... maybe they'll figure out Elijah hasn't told anyone he's got Elena and they'll try to kill him before they calls Klaus. That's my guess...