Sunday, January 2, 2011


About a week ago, I told you about this new contest:

To start the year right, I'm gonna give away a TVD 2011 day planner.

What do you have to do? you'll read The Stefan Diaries: origins and you'll answer the following questions, which you'll send to before the next episode of TVD.


1. Who pens this book?
2. What's the name of Stefan's fiancée?
3. Why is Stefan going to marry her?
4. What's happening in town that has got everybody freaked-out?
5. Where is Katherine boarding?
6. How does Stefan's father know about vampires and which Italian word does he use to refer to them?
7. How does Stefan realize Katherine is a vampire?
8. When did Pearl's husband die?
9. How many vampires were supposedly 'burnt' in the tomb?
10. How do Stefan and Damon die?

The results will be known after the next episode airs on Jan 27th. All the people who answer everything right will be entering the contest. If only one answers everything right, she'll be the winner!

Hope you enjoy your reading!!!
Note: The winner will be able to choose The Stefan Diaries: Bloodlust instead of this day planner if I'm able to get it for you!

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