Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Juicy spoilers for the next episodes

Stefan and Katherine get it on!

Stelena fans: you're so NOT gonna like this! Ian Somerhalder talked to E! about the "cave sex" we caught a glimpse of in the promo video. It'll be awesome to watch a naked Stefan but I don't think Elena will be happy if she finds out.

According to Ian it won't just be wet kisses and stuff like that... it will be real sex.
I know Elena and Stefan broke up and blah blah blah... but if he is with Katherine and Elena finds out, I doubt she'll trust him again...

About this, Nina said to Entertainment weekly:

“The one person I want to be stuck with, here he is, and now he’s got nowhere to go. I will seduce him, I will tease him, I will anger him.’ The line between love and hate truly is very, very thin,” Dobrev says. “So she has a chance to egg him on, and he can’t do anything about it. He has no choice but to listen, and yeah, it is a very kind of sexy, manipulative scene, and he gives in. It’s pretty crazy.”

Read the whole interview here.

Will this give way to Delena? Fans who want Damon and Elena to be together might see their dreams eventually come true!

Let's face it! Even when he wanted to deny it, Stefan never forgot Katherine. If he had, why would he keep a picture of Kat? and why would he fall in love with a girl who looked like her of all people? Stefan has got serious issues!

If you haven't watched the promo video, watch it here!

Episode 2x12 title confirmed

The first episode in January will be called "The Descent". Actor Jason Ferguson will be playing a character named Eddy whom we don't know much about yet.

John comes back to Mystic Falls
Elena's birth father (played by David Anders) will come back to her rescue in episode 2x13.
Apparently he knows how to kill Elijah so he'll be very helpful.

If he comes back, it'll be time for him to answer some questions... did he know Elena was the doppleganger all along? how does he know about the originals?

And I've got a thought... just a though... what if Elijah isn't planning to hand Elena to Klaus??? what if he really wants to despell the moonstone so Klaus can't break the curse? Maybe he's got other plans for Elena or he wouldn't have let her go last episode... what do you think?

True Blood's Dawn Olivieri to Guest Star

The Vampire Diaries TV Series
We remember her from Heroes and True Blood. Now, she'll be guest starring in The Vampire Diaries! She'll be a new newscaster in Mystic Falls named Andie Star. She'll be a recurring character for an undetermined number of episodes and we can say she'll be spicing things up!

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