Monday, December 6, 2010

An episode full of sacrifice

In this episode of the Vampire Diaries almost everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of those they love. How sweet of them!

Elena's Sacrifice

Even though Stefan and Damon have a plan for despelling the moonstone, Elena is aware Klaus will go after all the people she loves so she decides to surrender. That shows us how unlike Katherine she is. But don't think she's so different, this girls surely knows how to manipulate people!.

Damon's Sacrifice

When Damon learns about Elena's plan, he leaves Stefan and Bonnie alone and rushes to rescue her. Doen't he look like Superman going after Lois Lane when she's in trouble? Damon couldn't have been faster!
He's willing to risk his life for Elena and he even uses threats to talk some sense into her. Luckily for Damon, Elijah is not planning to get Elena killed any time soon.

Jeremy's Sacrifice

Jeremy loves his little witch and doesn't want her to gut hurt. So he steals some ashes from her and goes to the tomb to fetch the moonstone... Unluckily, he couldn't beat Katherine and she had a new toy she could feed on all she wanted as he would come to life every time she killed him!

Stefan's Sacrifice

Stefan won't stand Katherine feeding on his beloved Elena's little brother so he comes to his rescue. Too bad he can't get out from the tomb now!

Bonnie's Sacrifice

Bonnie knows she isn't strong enough for the spell needed to get Stefan in and out of the tomb but she tries it anyway. If she hadn't been taking power from Luka, I'm pretty sure she'd be with grams right now!

It seems that next week we are gonna see a half naked Stefan! Do you think his feelings for Katherine are back? Is she compelling him??? Any ideas?

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