Monday, November 15, 2010

Katherine's past

Finally we got to know more about Katherine's past! I couldn't wait to know more about her and how she was related to Elena!

After Elena bribed her with some blood, Katherine spit up the truth.

She lived in Bulgaria in 1490 where she gave birth to a babygirl out of wedlock. After that, she was sent to England, where she meets Klaus... the eldest vampire on Earth

What katherine didn't know and learned pretty fast was that she was the doppleganger of the girl whose blood sealed the curse that prevents vampires from walking in dailight and werewolves to turn at will... dopplegangers are born to be sacrificed to break the curse.

Katherine was always witty and she tricked Rose and Trevor to be turned into a vampire and escape her fate... she didn't realise that Klaus was so vengeful and he wouldn't forgive her for that. He killed all the people she cared for...

She's been escaping Klaus since those times and that's why she faked her death in 1864.

Now, she was willing to hand in Elena to Klaus so she could be forgiven... or at least that's what she made us believe...

But what if she really isn't the villain she's making all of us believe??? maybe those weren't her true intentions...

what do you think about that?

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