Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Predictions about future episodes

We have to wait two weeks for our favourite show... and I can't stop thinking of that!!! I'm so excited about the next episodes! this show only gets better. There wasn't a single episode that dissappointed me!
So far, the way things are going... I can tell you what I think is gonna happen. Don't take this as a spoiler cause this is only the expression of my own thoughts and ideas... Let's see how much of this comes true.

1. Jeremy and Bonnie will take the moonstone from Katherine (Bad idea) and with the help of the warlocks, they will "despell" it. They will think it was despelled so they might also hand it in to the elders not knowing it still holds it magic. Or else Luka's dad might offer himself to "protect" it but actually he would give it to the elders.

2. The elders will come for Elena when least expected. Damon will turn her against her will. Elena prefers to die before turning into a vampire. She doesn't want to risk her friends lives...

3. Bonnie will realise Luka betrayed her and she will turn to Jeremy.

4. Caroline and Tyler will be getting closer... we might even see some vampire-werewolf sex soon.

5. Klaus will be season 3 big bad and he probably won't show up until the end of this season. I bet he'll look mature but he'll be a hottie anyway. I'd love someone like Eric Northman, True Blood's blonde vamp, to play that role. He'd be a fantastic Klaus... what do you think about it?

Who do you think would be a better Klaus? Please share your ideas!


  1. I have to add that I doubt they'll bring him but I mean someone who looks similar to him... I hope he's a hot evil vamp!

  2. first great blog:) and i am with u i dont think Eric Northman will be Klaus... but he suit it well

  3. yeah he won't be Klaus but he would be great! I just wish for someone who looks like him!