Monday, November 15, 2010

Why no Vampire Diaries till December 2nd???

Well guys, these holidays are supposed to be for us to be thankful... but how can we be thankful when we have to wait two weeks to watch our favourite show???

So people, during these holidays we'll just have to be thankful to be able to watch reruns and read the Stefan Diaries if you already bought them!

Schedule for TVD until December 9th:

November 18 – Repeat of "Bad Moon Rising"
November 25 – Repeat of "Kill Or Be Killed"
Back for 2 episodes before Holiday Hiatus
December 2 – Episode 2.10 "The Sacrifice"
December 9 – Episode 2.11 (tentatively scheduled, no title as of yet)


  1. it does kinda suck that there wont be any vampire diaries for a while but now i can finaly study without thinking of Stefan ;P still i need my weekly TVD!!!

  2. yeah it sucks! but next hellatus will be much worse! =(