Friday, November 19, 2010

Major Cliffhanger before December Hiatus

According to Paul, there will be a major cliffhanger before December hiatus... That wouldnt be something new, would it?

It seems that December and January will be hell for TVD fans!

Start with about 6 weeks without our favourite show and add that major cliffhanger to keep us on edge... OMG! how will i cope???

What will you do during the hellatus???

Will you watch reruns? will you watch and rewatch the episodes on your computer? will you read those TVD books you havent already read? or will you reread them?

I still have to get the Stefan Diaries... and theres another book about Mystic Falls Id like to read... but they arent in Argentina yet so I have to wait! Maybe I can get them next month!

For more about the cliffhanger and a video about Paul visit wetpaint

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