Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watch out Barbie! Damon's gonna bite you!

We love us some Damon Salvatore around here, so we were more than a little intrigued to learn that somebody has started designing Damon dolls. Yes, dolls. Like, Barbie. (Or Ken, in this case.)

According to, the doll is by Tonner and “sports a jersey t-shirt and dark denim jeans with a faux-leather jacket. Socks, faux-leather zip-up boots, and protection ring also included.” Sounds like they’ve got everything covered!

Okay, so maybe the doll doesn’t exactly capture Damon’s snarkalicious hotness, but is it sad that we kinda want one of these? But at $159.99 a pop, Ian Somerhalder himself better come boxed up with these dolls!

We know what you’re thinking: Where’s the Stefan doll? Not to worry, TVDFansOnline says more of our fave Mystic Falls characters will show up in action figure form in time:

@TVDFansOnline I am being told that Damon will be the first, but there are plans to make the other dolls for all you doll collectors out there. :)

You can pre-order your Damon doll at


Taken verbatim from Wetpaint... too lazy today

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