Friday, January 28, 2011

And we've got a winner!

Hellatus ended yesterday and TVD is back! Finally! I couldn't wait anymore!!!

And our contest ended too!!!! The winner is HETAL MANIAR.

Congratulations, Hetal!!!!! I'll be shipping your prize on monday!

These were her answers:

1. Who pens this book?
- Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec
2. What's the name of Stefan's fiancée?
- Rosalyn Cartwright
3. Why is Stefan going to marry her?
- Roslyn's father Mr Cartwright owned the bank in town, so if Stefan's father had an alliance with him, it would be easy to expand their veritas even further and Stefan couldnt disobey his father.
4. What's happening in town that has got everybody freaked-out?
- Animal murders
5. Where is Katherine boarding?
- Carriage house at Veritas estate
6. How does Stefan's father know about vampires and which Italian word does he use to refer to them?
- Unvampiro. Stefans father knows bout them coz they existed in old country
7. How does Stefan realize Katherine is a vampire?
- during one of their night together he saw her eyes wild bloodshot, ghostly white face and she was sucking the blood from his neck.
8. When did Pearl's husband die?
- Within a week of wave of consumption during war of independence
9. How many vampires were supposedly 'burnt' in the tomb?
- 23
10. How do Stefan and Damon die?
- their father shot them When they tried to free Katherine

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